Obama ‘Bundlers’

8 Feb

I am not a huge follower of politics and know less about the current happenings than I would like. However, politics has recently meshed with fashion in a unique way. While reading NY magazine’s The Cut it has recently come to my attention that Anna Wintour is at the forefront of fundraising for Obama. She has hosted several events as well as leading a campaign known as “Runway to Win” which entails famous designers creating unique merchandise that will turn profits that go to fundraising Obama’s re-election campaign. Wintour, Vogue’s editor-in-chief, has tapped her extensive network of designer friends and has recruited several famous names like DVF, Jason Wu, and Rachel Roy to the effort. It is notably a thank you from these designers since Michelle Obama has promoted their brands through public appearances in their clothes. It’s a win win for both parties. It is really very interesting to me because I previously did a post about Kenneth Cole and his somewhat controversial campaign that leans toward the more liberal side of the spectrum. I pondered on what this meant for his brand. Similarly, LVMH has discouraged its band of designers from participating for fear of turning off its more conservative customers. I can imagine some of these participating designers’ customers will be put off by the public support of Obama. But, at what cost does this come for the designer and brand? Is it worth it to them because of the exposure Michelle has already garnered for them? Or does this further secure their customers that are also Obama supporters and their renewed loyalty offsets the lost customers?



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