15 Nov

Today, I visited the nail polish company OPI’s website for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised by how user friendly and interactive it is. In the age where consumers reign superior, this website is very in keeping with the times. Everything is laid out perfectly. The main site flashes slowly between an ad for Nicki Minaj’s new OPI collaboration and The Muppets movie, of which there is also a nail color collection. Visually the website is also very pleasing. The side of the page has 3 tabs: How-to, Try it On, and My OPI. As you click a tab it moves to the left side as if you are leafing through a binder. The how-to section explains in 9 steps how to achieve a perfect manicure (and what types of products to use). The try it on feature is an interactive one in which there is a human hand that you can tailor so it looks like yours. You can change the skin color and nail length. There is a color palette to the right featuring all of the color shades of polish, but there are also categories to cater the palette to your particular taste. The My OPI tab allows you to save your favorite products and you can email them to friends. A perfect option if you want a specific color for Christmas. Other tabs along the top and bottom of the screen allow you to do things like saving a desktop calendar based on OPI fan comments and stories. Another cute part of the website is that when a new page is momentarily loading, a nail polish container gets filled up with polish. One other thing that I was impressed by on the site was the advice page. There are typical problems people have related to hands, feet, cuticles, nails, and miscellaneous. Each problem shows you which products will help with these problems. I think this is great way for customers to shop. They don’t have to scroll through products just by price or color like many other ecommerce sites. I think more retailers need to take a page out of OPI’s book and work harder to engage the consumer in their websites. A clean page set up is also a must. OPI’s site is very easy to navigate and is aesthetically pleasing. A lot of retailer’s sites that I have visited are cluttered with too much information on one page.  OPI has really taken their brand and portrayed it in a way that consumers can have fun while browsing the site.




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