People as Brands

7 Nov

Currently in my Intro to Business class, we are learning about marketing. One of the types we touched on is “person marketing”. This could be anyone from celebrities to politicians to athletes. I had never thought of it like this before, but people really do market themselves and are essentially their own personal brands. Through product endorsements, publicity, and other media outlets, they portray whatever aspect or image they want to of themselves. The importance of person branding is shown in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when Kris was considering changing her last name from Jenner back to Kardashian. The clip below shows the scene.

Kim also decided to keep her last name Kardashian when she married Kris Humphries for business purposes. This shows how having a unified brand as a person is just as important as an actual brand for companies and products.

What is the message the Kardashian brand portrays? I think they seek to be portrayed as a closely knit family that is real, beautiful, and successful. They use their t.v. show to portray this as well as through attending events, doing endorsements, and through magazine and other features articles.

Another celebrity example is Scarlett Johansson. Her print ads are numerous and all feature her as glamourous and sensuous. Following are some examples.

Thinking about this makes me wonder what I would want my brand to focus on if I were famous. What would yours say about you?



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