26 Oct

These are the most delicious cheese sticks ever. They are from Mad Mushroom and have been a favorite of mine since Freshman year of college. However, I may no longer be ordering them after the recent encounter I had with Mad Mush.

Until this year, I haven’t had a car on campus so whenever the craving would strike I just ordered delivery. This past week there was a special deal for a large cheese stick for only $6.99 so of course my roommate and I couldn’t pass it up. Since I was working in Lafayette at the mall that night I decided to pick it up on the way home. This was my first time ever going in to the physical location and frankly I was appalled by what I encountered. Upon walking in, I approached the cash register counter that separates the entry room from the kitchen. I patiently stood there for several minutes without acknowledgement from any of the staff. Pizza boxes were stacked on the floor, the place was a mess, and there was dough sitting opened with flies landing on it. Now, I have worked in a pizza place before and I know that there may not be the highest standards, but really?! This is disgusting. The pizzas that were done were not being kept in a heater either. It also appeared that there was no dress code or rules about appearance. The employee that finally approached me looked like he hadn’t shaved in days. I didn’t get a “sorry for keeping you waiting” or anything of the kind. He didn’t even say thank you.. I’m sure they were having a busy night, especially with the deal going on, but it takes only a few seconds to acknowledge and thank a customer. Also, if you are going to be showing all of your customers your kitchen and allow them to see the operation, at least make it presentable! If it is going to look unkempt and disorderly, then you need to figure out a way to block off the kitchen. All I have to say is they are lucky most of their customers order delivery and do not see how they really operate.



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