10 Oct

One thing I love about going home is shopping at Woodfield Mall. I didn’t realize how lucky I was until I moved away to school and quickly discovered that most malls aren’t anything like Woodfield. So, as I was home for fall break this weekend, I of course had to make the requisite shopping excursion. Now that I am taking this Consumer Behavior class and keeping a blog on my observations, I am much more aware while I am shopping. I am noticing things about stores that I have never noticed before. And frankly, many stores really need to step up their game. Retailers need to consider what impression their customers are getting of their store. I was really appalled that when I went into The Loft I was not greeted or acknowledged at all. There were only a few customers present and the salespeople were just walking around straightening and yet never once even said hello. It is common courtesy to greet customers. After a few laps around the store, I left. I am not going to give a retailer my business if they are going to not make me feel welcome.

One store I must say that I was impressed by was JcPenney. I was looking for a pair of heels for interviews and one of the salespeople approached me almost immediately and began to help me find different sizes in various shoes. He was incredibly friendly and we had a nice conversation. I felt like I was a guest and that my business was really appreciated. He even walked me downstairs and showed me where to apply when I expressed an interest. Maybe it was because he is making commission that he showed such good customer service. Either way, more companies need to stress to their front line employees how important customer service really is. It is not that difficult to do, just be friendly and helpful.

Another store that left an impression on me was Akira Shoes. It is fairly new to Woodfield, so this was only my second time shopping there. A sales associate there took a sale sign and stood on a box in the store window dancing with it. It was really very comical. It caught the attention of everyone passing by the store and some people even stopped to dance too. This tactic, while probably completely improvised, was a great way to get attention and show the store’s fun environment. Retailers need to consider what impression their customers are currently getting of their store and what impression they wish to portray and synchronize them.



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