Your own personal fashion boutique

20 Sep

I mentioned a few entries before how social media is starting to be used for commerce purposes. There is a new website that takes this to a whole other level. This website is called Shop My Label and the beta version was launched yesterday. It is a website in which anyone can set up their own online fashion boutique using brands and merchandise from over 1,000 different brands. You market your boutique through your own social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. This is a way for brands to lure in new potential customers. People viewing these boutiques are the friends (or followers) of the boutique “shopkeeper” and therefore transfer their trust over to the brands displayed. The retailers and brands control the product prices, but the shopkeeper controls what merchandise to feature in their shop. The shopkeeper receives 5% commission on each item sold and other benefits when they recruit more individuals to set up shop. The shipping is also free. I think this is a genius idea. The article I read in Women’s Wear Daily that introduced this website said that this model is not completely new. However, this is the first time I’m hearing of anything like this and I love the idea. I consider myself to be fairly involved with social media and fashion and I am considering opening up shop! I’ve actually requested my invite. Even if I don’t sell anything, I can open up my dream shop online (for free!). I’ll let you know how it goes.



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