Customer Service

14 Sep

Everyone has their stories about good and bad customer service experiences. Usually the bad ones come to mind instantly. I can think of several instances of bad customer service. For example, I was at the Tippecanoe Mall a week ago shopping in Victoria’s Secret. A salesgirl approached my friend and me and asked if she could help us find anything. An innocent enough question which we politely responded with “no, we’re just looking, thanks”. Usually at this point the salesperson responds with something along the lines of “Ok, well if you need any help just let me know” and then goes on their way. But this particular salesgirl decided to harass us for several minutes asking us questions about when we had last been measured for a bra size, what size it was, was it helpful, what location it was at, and on and on and on. I understand she was trying to engage her customers in conversation, but we were clearly not in need of assistance nor wanted to be measured.

Another time I was dissatisfied with a company’s customer service was when dealing with AT&T’s call center. I spent over an hour on the phone with several different agents. I grew increasingly flustered as each person told me that there was nothing they could do when the AT&T store I went to told me otherwise. Finally, the problem got resolved, but the situation was so irritating and frustrating that I would have changed services had I not been on my family’s plan.

After having bad customer service or mediocre at best all the time, it is pleasantly surprising when I do experience or witness good customer service. I work as a sales associate at University Spirit in town and recently saw great customer service. A customer came in looking to exchange a Nike golf polo. We realized after comparing the shirt’s barcode with ours, that the shirt was not from our store. She was irritated because it was a gift that she wanted to exchange and give back to her husband as a surprise. There was nothing we could do since it wasn’t from our store and she still wanted us to exchange it for a similar one that we had. My co-worker began calling several stores around the area to find out where it was from. Eventually she figured out it was from the golf course shop and the lady left happy that she didn’t have to search around and could go straight there now. I will confidently say that this customer will come back to shop at our store in the future because she was pleased with how my coworker handled her problem. Going the extra mile for the customer is usually not very difficult and can make all the difference in their perception of your store.



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