That annoying man

30 Aug

If you go to Purdue or live in the area and don’t live under a rock, then there’s no way you haven’t heard of him. He’s everywhere. On the radio, on billboards, and especially on t.v. Do you know who I’m talking about yet? Alright, I’ll tell you. Bob Rohrman. I bet in your head right now you’re hearing the tagline of all his advertisements “There’s only one Bob Rohrrrrrrman”. Watch this commercial (although I’m sure you’ve already seen it) and answer me this.. what is he trying to accomplish with this?

Maybe he is trying to seem like he is laid back, down-to-earth, and has a sense of humor. By coming off that way, people may be more apt to trust him selling them a car since they can relate to how normal he is. Whatever statement he is trying to make, the commercial is annoying. And what’s with the lion driving a car? I brought this topic up in a conversation with a friend the other day after a Bob Rohrman commercial came on. We came to the conclusion that while the commercial is obnoxious, it does do one very important thing: it is memorable. When someone asks what is the first car dealership in the area to come to your mind, undoubtedly you would say Bob Rohrman. Try it. Ask a friend.

So it seems you don’t always have to like a commercial or advertisement for it to be effective. It has obviously been working for Bob Rohrman Auto Group since they currently have twenty-six dealerships throughout Indiana and Illinois and are still expanding. I was reading through their website,, and Bob really stresses customer service also. So, it seems to me that their advertising is what draws people to them and then they keep their customers by having stellar customer service. Not a bad strategy after all.



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